Designed with Your Firm in Mind

Settling is for cases,
not legal practice management software.

MerusCase is legal practice management software that provides a comprehensive and fully-integrated out-of-box solution for legal firms and legal professionals. Built to bridge the gaps in bureaucratic tasks and the practice of law, MerusCase helps automate and streamline a firm’s efforts. MerusCase takes pride in being software that is intuitive and scalable, that will not only grow a firm, but grow with it. MerusCase is committed to bringing top-of-the-line technology to the legal sphere, unveiling new features and updating its product on a monthly basis.

MerusCase includes a variety of general features all perfectly designed to interact with each other seamlessly: calendaring, email, document automation, batch document scanning, and more. Everything is internally threaded together in a considered and fool-proof way, making organization within a firm a breeze. All actions, documents, and workflows are able to be linked to specific cases and automatically backed up on the Cloud. Securely stored and bank-grade encrypted, MerusCase ensures all sensitive information remains private and protected.

Expertly crafted to fit a practice’s focus, MerusCase provides built-in specialty features to help a firm optimize its time, from a Child Support Calculator for Family Law cases to Employment or Workers’ Comp specific tabs, fields, and forms. MerusCase isn’t built for just any legal practice. It is built for yours.

The MerusCase Advantage

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You can do everything you need to do to run your legal practice within MerusCase. Stop wasting time and energy switching between applications and hoping that your dissonant applications will work together effectively. MerusCase was crafted to be fully-integrated and fine-tuned machine, with all parts working together harmoniously.

Native ePayment Processing

MerusPay is our built-in online payment processor designed to get your firm paid faster. Easily accept payments from your clients via ACH, credit card and eCheck. With flat transaction rates and robust features such as integrated reporting, your firm will gain full transparency into the status of client payments and associated processing fees. MerusPay is 100% compliant with IOLTA, ABA, and all 50 state bar guidelines.

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Fool-Proof Organization

MerusCase is structured to minimize the amount of time your firm spends on the bureaucratic tasks. No longer will you spend hours searching for misplaced files. With MerusCase, all items, documents, correspondence, and internally threaded to maximize organization and efficiency.

Fully-Integrated Email

You never have to leave MerusCase to send out an email. MerusCase makes it easy to link emails to your cases, keep track and organize emails, and search within email bodies. MerusCase makes emails work for you, not the other way around.

Customizable Billing

Spend more time on billable hours and less time on billing through MerusCase’s customizable billing settings. You can custom set billing rates based on case, user, user role, case phase, client, and more.


With firm and individual calendaring, multiple branch office options, administrative permission settings, and customizable billing, MerusCase becomes more than just an organizational method—it becomes the central hub to optimize your firm’s efforts and growth.