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needs a powerful sidekick





needs a powerful sidekick





designed to bring cutting-edge technology to firms of all sectors and sizes. MerusCase intuitively adapts to fit your practice - streamlining document automation, time tracking, billing, calendaring, email, and case management into one easy-to-use system that's accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device. Tap into hidden growth opportunities: while MerusCase automates your day-to-day tasks, you'll be free to deal with clients and grow your business.



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Why MerusCase?

Why MerusCase?

Go ahead, get out your list of must-haves and deal breakers -
we've got all the features you're looking for.

Document Management & Automation

Streamlined Case Files
Enjoy a guided experience that connects the dots for you. With MerusCase, associated contacts, cases, assignments, and documents are intrinsically linked and tagged by type - so you can navigate efficiently and find what you need quickly. Keep track of your case status and caseload, and use one of our comprehensive reports to get a bird's-eye view.

Form & Template Auto-population
Auto-populate entire documents and court forms in a single click! Merge case information (including client names and addresses, case numbers, case notes, and more) into PDF court forms or Word documents, and quick-save your final copy directly into its corresponding case file.

Batch Scanning
Staying organized is tough when you’re drowning in paperwork - but MerusCase is here to help. Scan and upload thousands of papers at once, and our internal processors will organize them into separate single- and multi-page documents which you can easily link to your case files.

Predictive Searching
Find what you’re looking for, every time. Our predictive turbo-caching algorithms will locate relevant results before you even finish typing! If you can’t remember a document name, use our stackable search filters to condense and reorganize your search results, or use our Global Search tool to scan each document’s contents and preview the ones that fit your criteria.

Time Tracking & Billing

Eliminate the extra cost (and hassle) of external accounting systems, by switching to our built-in advanced bookkeeping system. With MerusCase, you can easily invoice billable time, track payments, and handle balance forwards, overpayments, and unreconciled payments. Use case-specific ledgers to keep your operating account separate from your client accounts; as you invoice, our algorithms will analyze and suggest allocation patterns for your charges, so you can easily organize all your firm’s financials in minutes.

Built-in Time Tracking
Whether you’re writing an email, taking a phone call, or meeting with a client, never forget a second of billable time. Instead, track time as you work with the click of a button! You can also add time to your case ledgers retroactively, and even include notes about what you were working on.

Electronic Billing
Bill their way and get paid faster. MerusCase supports most types of electronic billing (Ledes, ESIS, Chubb, PDF, etc.) so you can take care of all your finances from one centralized location.

Run one of our 35+ built-in reports to collect valuable data about your firm and gain insight into your most reliable (and most frequently delinquent) clients, your best billers (and most negligent collectors), your cash flow patterns, and more.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Integrated Email
Merge your current email client into MerusCase for a seamless synchronization between the two systems. Every message you send or receive can be attached to a case at the click of a button, allowing for effortless tracking of all firm members’ correspondence with each of your case contacts.

Tiered Calendars
Coordinate effortlessly: use our comprehensive calendaring system to manage appointments, events, and deadlines as they pertain to yourself, your office, your firm as a whole, or specific individuals at your firm. Any event you create can be directly attached to a case, which means it’ll also appear in the corresponding case file. Color codes and appointment types are entirely customizable at the firm level - so a quick glance at any calendar will tell you exactly what kinds of plans your colleagues have for the day, week, or month.

Transparent Tasking
Save time by delegating assignments to specific team members, then completing your tasks simultaneously. As you collaborate, you can still maintain individual accountability by checking on each member’s contributions to shared case files and scheduling reminders about their impending tasks.

Internal Reports
Monitor your firm’s productivity by running one of our 35+ built-in reports, which will give you insight into your team members’ respective workloads, billing and collection patterns, case history, and more.

Support & Training

White-Glove Onboarding
Keep your existing data! Migrate from any legacy system and we’ll do the dirty work for you - just ask us about our migrations from Aderant, TimeMatters, Prevail, and more. Each firm that opts to migrate their data receives a complimentary data cleanse, in which our team of engineers gets rid of duplicates, inconsistencies, and corrupt files, to ensure the highest level of data integrity.

Personalized Training
Receive the best possible training for your needs, your budget, and your schedule. We offer in-person training at your office or offices; virtual training using video conferencing technology; and self-training using our tutorial videos, downloadable guides, and other resources.

Dedicated Support
We provide unlimited phone, email, and remote desktop support - so you're always in good hands when you’re with MerusCase.

Data Storage & Security

Automatic Updates & Backups
Take advantage of new features the day they come out - just refresh your browser and you’re ready to go! In addition, our instantaneous, system-wide backups are performed nightly to ensure that all your assets remain safe and secure.

Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage
Store as much data as you’d like; you'll never run out of space and we'll never charge you for more. Everything you save into MerusCase is fully mobile: accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device. This is legal document storage at its best.

Unbeatable Security
Say goodbye to the frantic mess of missing files. With MerusCase, you’ll never lose anything again, since all your data is securely backed by end-to-end SSL encryption - the same security system your bank uses to protect you from theft and fraud. Needless to say, MerusCase easily exceeds the compliance standards set by HIPAA.




Designed to be intuitive, built to be adaptable:
custom-fits your needs, your budget, and your schedule. 

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