What Reports can I get for the Case Ledger?

In MerusCase we have a complete ledgering system that you can use in cases. Occasionally you would like a report comprised of what has been owed, on what has been paid and what the case totals are. Admins can go to the Tools > Reports section to get reports.




Available Case Ledger Reports:
  • A/R Expenses & Reports is ONLY items that are negative in the case, i.e., money owed the firm. There is no  inclusion or consideration for whether or not a payment (check in hand) has been added to a case to balance these items out. So, if you ask a client for $10,000, it will appear here, regardless of whether any payment on that money has been recorded.
  • A/R Payments Received is the exact opposite, i.e., ONLY positive items in Case Ledger. So a check you logged for $10,000 shows up here without any consideration for whether or not the check was even invoiced for or any corresponding "charges" in the ledger.
  • Case Ledger Summary is the list of Cases and their balances. This report has a total of each ledger total (if there is one). If nothing is logged, the case is omitted from the list. If it is zero (because you've been paid, imagine that), the case does show in the list.