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Why Merus: Superior Practice Management

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Never waste time or money updating software, recovering lost data, or repairing server hardware. Pay for only what you need, when you need it.

Always Available

We've been down for a total 200 minutes in the last six years. While we promise 99.95% uptime (4.39 hours per year), you'll enjoy de facto perfection.

Integrated Email

Easily send and receive email within Merus. Integrate your existing email services using POP, SMTP, and IMAP and get rid of Outlook.

Calendar & Contact Sync

Instantly access firm-wide case calendars and contacts using your smartphone.

Multi & Large Office Support

MerusCase is the only practice management suite that can handle the case volumes & calendaring needs of large, multi-office firms.

Integrated Accounting

Track billable time, expenses, payments, and electronically bill within MerusCase.

On-Site Training

Receive the best training for you and your firm with direct face-to-face training.

Attorney Focused Features

Attorneys work differently from their staff. Custom tailored features in Merus give you access to the things you need most.

Go Paperless

Search, upload & create documents quickly in MerusCase. Scan all your mail together and let MerusCase split it up for you.

Features working together to save you time & money.

Find out how.

Everyone Loves MerusCase

“MerusCase is a dream come true. It does everything we need.”

- Hazel Ortega, Vocational Counselor
Ortega Counseling Center

Upgraded From Tritek

“Expenses dropped dramatically once we incorporated MerusCase and began storing all of our paper in the cloud for free.”

- Juan Spencer, Hearing Representative
Ratto Law Firm

Upgraded From Tritek

“Our office is completely paperless thanks to the batch scanning feature in MerusCase. No more bulky files lying around, and no more having to spend 15 minutes looking for a file: everything we need is easily accessible in Merus. We have used other case management systems, but Merus is by far the best. It is the most advanced case management system, and it's very user friendly.”

- Alisha Carlson, Office Manager
The Law Offices of James E. Latimer

Upgraded From CMPro

“Our office's productivity has doubled since switching to MerusCase.”

- Emma Szuksztul, Office Administrator
Law Offices of Jon M. Woods, Inc.

Upgraded From A1-Law

“I find [MerusCase] very easy to use. I love the ability to access all the case information from anywhere...I never take my entire file to the Board anymore simply because I am able to rely on the ability to quickly get to case information, documents, etc. [through Merus]...I have all the information I need at my fingertips. The staff loves the upload feature that allows easy uploading of documents into the cases.”

- Donna Rivers, Attorney
Law Offices of Larson, Vandersloot & Rivers

Upgraded From A1-Law

“We are very happy with MerusCase. The software is easy to use and the support staff is very helpful. Whenever we have a question or concern, it is handled promptly and accurately. And, now that we are using MerusCase, our office runs more effectively!”

- Noemi Meza-Diaz, Office Manager
Law Offices of Robbins & Strunk

Upgraded From CMPro

“The training and follow up support by the Meruscase staff is first rate above the competition.”

- Allen Chong, Attorney
Law Office of Stonesifer & Chong

Upgraded From A1-Law

“We really like MerusCase. It's a whole lot better than paper filing. MerusCase is so user-friendly that even someone who isn't at all computer savvy can use it.”

- Richard Robbins, Attorney
Law Offices of Robbins & Strunk

Upgraded From CMPro

“Having a web based case management system has made our lives so much easier and allowed us to become pretty much paperless as well having the freedom to work from virtually anywhere."

- Teresa McQueen, Office Manager
The Cohen Law Firm

Upgraded From Rocket Matter

“Using MerusCase has improved our practice by leaps and bounds. By far my favorite feature of the program being online is using my cell phone to view documents & pdf's in the case file while at the board. This is case management for the 21st century and it just keeps getting better.”

- Ruth Arellano, Hearing Representative
Law Offices of Harman & Britt

Upgraded From CMPro

“The MerusCase system has moved our practice into the 21st Century. Merus makes case management easy, cost effective and delivers everything promised. Our only mistake was not switching to Merus sooner.”

- Robert Burton, Attorney
Law Offices of Kurlander & Burton

Upgraded From Tritek

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