Search and Filter Tricks

To search for a plaintiff or applicant named "John Smith", one need only start typing portions of Mr. Smith's name, e.g., "joh" or "smi" and MerusCase immediately shortens the list of cases to match the filtering criteria.
Search and filtering tricks:
NOT - In all caps can be used to display everything EXCEPT what follows the keyword. For example "NOT John" will show "Jane Smith" but ignore her husband John.

OR - In all caps can be used to display combinations. "Jane OR John" will display everyone that shares a name with our two protagonists.

TO - In all caps can be used on date columns to specify a range. For example, "1/1/2010 TO 1/31/2010" will display all events from January 2010.

Carat symbol (^) - Used to limit matches to the beginning of a string. For example, "^smi" will return "Smith", but not "Blacksmith".

Dollar symbol ($) - Can be used to limit matches to the end of as string. For example, "smith$" will return "Smith" and "Blacksmith", but not "Smithson".

^$ - Will search only for blank entries. For example, filtering contacts by company for "^$" will only return contacts that have no company attached. 


Date Filters don't need complete dates to operate. MerusCase takes a guess at the intended filter if the data is incomplete. For example "1/1 TO 1/31" yields the same results as "1/1/2010 TO 1/31/2010" -- until 2011. Then MerusCase will guess that 2011 is the intended year, because the current year is assumed if no year was entered. This can be mitigated by adding a year to one of the range endpoints, e.g., "1/1 TO 1/31/2010".

If a filter returns only one result, there's no need to use the mouse to access the result. Just tap "Enter" ("Return" on Macs) and the single result will be opened automatically.

Unlimited filters are allowed. Placing two filters on the same field places an implicit "AND" on the search results. For example, creating two filters on the Applicant (name) column, one on "John" and one on "Jane", will display "Jane Johnson" but hide Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


'John OR Ja' <-- entered as a partial entry == No Results are found
'John OR Jack' <-- entered in completely == Results for both John and Jack