Setting up Incoming Emails in Merus

If you want to be able to attach emails to cases or track your emails in Merus, then we suggest you sync your external email with our servers. There are different protocols for incoming mail, but we strongly suggest using Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) instead of Post Office Protocol (POP3) if you want a better user experience.



Both of these protocols are methods used to sync your Merus inbox with your existing email account (gMail, Outlook, etc.); however, a POP3 setup doesn't support usage on multiple devices and often leaves users with lost messages. On the other hand, a IMAP setup does support multiple devices, which means when you read, delete, or edit an email message in your Merus inbox, those changes will be reflected when you access your email elsewhere.



Syncing your Email to MerusCase



You'll need to know your email address and your password to continue with this process.




  1. Go to Tools > Email Setup.
  2. Click the Incoming Email Accounts tab.
  3. Click Add New Inbound Email Account.





  1. Type a Description of the email. 
  2. Select the Account Type from the menu.
  3. Type your email address in the User/Login field.
  4. Type your password in the Password field. 






Then you should veryify that the incoming email has a connection with the server based on the information you provided. This ensures that your email credentials have been entered correctly.



  1. Click on Verify Incoming Email Account. If all credentials are perfect, you will see a yellow notification at the top of your screen stating "Verification succeeded. MerusCase will retrieve mail from your external account every few minutes."
  2. Click Save





There are additional settings that you don't need to change in order to import emails to Merus. The Synchronization Options section allows you to select a folder to sync if you prefer something other than your 'Inbox', and also to send items that you delete from your MerusCase Inbox to a folder other than your 'Deleted Items'.






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