Adding HTML to Your MerusCase Signature

Follow these easy steps to add some flair to your MerusCase messaging signature:



1. Navigate to this link, which will convert your rich text signature to HTML.


2. Use the editor to create your signature the way you'd like it to appear within MerusCase. If you want to get super fancy, you can even use images!



3. Once you have your signature finished, click on the button that says "Convert to HTML."


4. Next, a dialog box will pop up containing the HTML code of your signature. Copy this code.



5. Go back to your MerusCase account and click on Tools > Settings and Options > User Preferences.



6. Paste the HTML code into the signature block and click "Save."


Once you complete those steps, your rich text signature should now show up on all new messages that you compose. You can see how mine turned out in the screenshot, below!



Note: If you want to add a plain text signature line to your Merus messages, simply go to Tools > Settings and Options > User Preferences and type in your information as you'd like it to show in the Signature Block. Click "Save" and you're all set!