EAMS Handbook

Rules and Guidelines Merus Follows for Our Filled Forms Feature.

"As of Aug. 25, 2008, the Division of Workers’ Compensation/Workers’ Compensation appeals Board and each of its district offices began using the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) to manage case files, data and hearings. During the initial implementation period, EAMS external users will be able to file documents with the district offices in one of two ways: via Web-based, electronic forms (e-forms), or new paper forms (optical character recognition or “OCR” forms). Filing via e-forms requires a log-on and password. Filing OCR forms requires use of the forms available on the DWC Web site, at the district offices, or forms that have been designed to work in case management systems to auto populate, and which have been tested for EAMS compatibility at the DWC forms testing lab. The DWC EAMS Web site at www.dwc.ca.gov/eamscontains a wealth of information about EAMS. This handbook pertains specifically to OCR form filing. 
Data contained on an OCR form is read by EAMS when the document is scanned into the system. The data automatically populates portions of the EAMS case file, reducing human processing time. The data also triggers workflows, promoting expeditious setting of hearings and decisions on pending cases. 
Regulations requiring use of OCR forms became effective Nov. 17, 2008. Following the transition period, which ended Dec. 12, 2008, filing using OCR forms became mandatory, unless the document is filed as part of DWC’s e-forms trial.
WHERE TO FIND THE OCR FORMS: The final version of the OCR forms is available on the DWC Web site at www.dwc.ca.gov/eams and at the local DWC district offices. 
Additionally, many forms developers have been working with the DWC to ensure forms they create to seamlessly auto-populate in case management systems will also integrate seamlessly into EAMS. DWC recommends you check with your forms developer to ensure they have tested their forms for EAMS compatibility at the DWC forms testing lab
FILLING OUT OCR FORMS: You may fill out OCR forms on the DWC Web site and print completed forms for submission. You may also print Rev. 4/15/2009 2 the OCR forms from the Web site and fill them out using a typewriter. Again, if you use a case management system to auto-populate and print forms, you will want to be sure your developer has tested its forms for EAMS compatibility. If you are an injured worker without an attorney, or an unrepresented uninsured employer, you may fill out the OCR forms using neat block printing, or you may contact the DWC information and assistance officer at your nearest district office, who will guide you through the process." -EAMS

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