Recording and adding a payment to an open invoice

  1. Go to Books > Open Invoices 
  2. From the Open Invoices page, there are two way to add a payment to an invoice:
    1. Click on Apply New Payment to Invoice
    2. Click on Show/Edit Invoice Details

Show/Edit Invoice Details

  1. A new box will appear with fields to fill out.  It will have a table of all ledger items attached to the invoice.
  2. Click Save to Apply the Payment.  
  3. The invoice will now show up on the Paid Invoices page and the payment will show on the Historical Payments page.  
  4. On the Payment History page, you can view the Payment Details by clicking on the icon to the left of the item.  
  5. If you wish to delete the payment, the invoice will return to Open Invoices, and the Payment will be removed from Historical Payments.
Figure 3: Record Payment
Figure 3: Historical Payments

Once you apply the payment to the invoice it should show up in Paid Invoices

Figure 4: Click on paid invoices

A new ledger entry will automatically be created in the Case to show the payment was received.

Figure 5: Item appears in the ledger as paid