Importing Billing Codes

If you've got a lot of codes, entering them manually could take ages -- luckily, we've built a handy import tool that lets you skip the drudgery of manual entry. With a bit of initial formatting, your codes can be batch entered into the system with minimal effort. 

Header Descriptions


Each header in your CSV file will assign the data below it to a specific field in MerusCase. You'll need to refer to these when setting up your data for import. 


Here's a quick list of common headers and their associated fields:


  • "task_code" - Task/Expense Code
  • "activity_code" - Activity Code
  • "expense_code" - Task/Expense Code
  • "quick_code" - Quick Code
  • "description" - Description
  • "type" - Type
  • "order" - Order





Formatting Your Billing Codes


    • 1. Start by opening up a fresh excel spreadsheet.
    • 2. Enter the headers at the top of each column. 







    • 3. Enter information for each code relevant to the column name (refer to the header descriptions above for assistance).
    • 4. For Windows Users: Go to File > Save As and select as the file type CSV (MS-DOS)



    (Note: You may be prompted to change the format of the file during this step) 



    • 4. For Mac Users: Save the sheet, and select MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv) as the file format. 




    Importing Your Billing Codes


    • 1. Open the new CSV file using Notepad(from step 4 above). 
    • 2. Copy the table contents to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C or Right Click > Copy. Make sure that you include the header!




    • 3. Open MerusCase and navigate to Tools>Settings & Options.
    • 4. Select CSV Billing Codes Import from the Data Import Tools menu.
    • 5. Paste the CSV billing code data into the text box. 
    • 6. Click Examine Data in the top right corner of the page to verify the output. If everything looks good, go ahead and click Import to pull your codes into the system.