Exporting a LEDES98b Invoice

LEDES 1998b is an electronic invoice format used throughout the legal profession. Law firms and insurance companies alike produce and process LEDES invoices, and big-name billing software like QuickBooks is LEDES-compatible. MerusCase can also produce LEDES invoices from time users bill in cases, which will allow your firm to prepare charges to be billed electronically.


Specific case fields in MerusCase correspond mostly one-to-one with LEDES fields, and we also provide some extra fallback matching if fields in MerusCase are left empty. For example, the CLIENT_ID column in a LEDES invoice will pull data from the Electronic Billing ID field set in one of the case parties in Merus, but if that field is empty, then it will pull from the Carrier Billing Identifier field in Injuries, then it'll pull from the unique contact ID number for the bill-to party in the case, and then it'll pull from the case's unique ID number. While putting data where LEDES specifies, we observe other parts of the LEDES specification, such as per-field formatting and length restrictions.


How to Generate a LEDES Invoice

  1. While in MerusCase, click on Books > Open Invoices.
  2. Filter your invoices based upon the Billed date and/or Billed To party.
  3. Select all the invoices you would like to export, or click the blue 'Entire List' link to select them all.
  4. Click on "Export Invoices.", select "LEDES 1998B" from the dropdown menu and click "Export."
  5. Check your email. You should know be able to download the exported invoices.
  6. Use the LEDES import tool in your billing program to submit these invoices.


Depending on your clients preference, LEDES invoices can be exported as either a single file, or as one invoice per file. To export individual invoices as single file, follow the above steps, but select LEDES 1998b (Single File) during step 4.

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