Pre-filtering Data in Lists

A common support request deals with the data that is displayed by default when various sections in MerusCase load. Some requests to change the data display include:


  • Hiding all closed cases.
  • Only showing events assigned to the logged-in user.
  • Hiding the built-in MerusCase office templates, displaying only custom forms.
  • Showing tasks by due date.

All of the above (and more) tasks are available to you. To take advantage of these Prefiltering capabilities, go to Tools > Settings & Options. Then click on the User Preferences tab.


As explained in Search and Filter Tricks, there are many shortcuts you can use to see ONLY the information you need. The same tricks you use to find a document can also be set in User Preferences.
For example, if you only want to see your Custom Office Templates, you can enter NOT built (as shown below) into the field for Forms (Word Templates for Merge/Court PDF Forms), along with specifying Name in the Default Filter Column.
As opposed to exclusion, another filter trick is using inclusion of specific data. 
For example, if you only want to see Tasks due within a specific date range, you can enter 4/12/2012 TO 7/12/2012 (as shown below)* into the field for Tasks, along with specifying Due Date in the Default Filter Column.
The examples above can be applied to almost any user preference. Also, see those listed in Search and Filter Tricks. Furthermore, if you want to see only open cases, you can specify NOT closed. If you want to specify the companies you see, you can do that as well.
Don't forget to save your changes!
*The date range used above is an example. You could also enter "4/12 TO 7/12," etc., and the filter would include tasks for that date range. If for some reason you wanted to view data from a past year, you could enter "4/12/2010 TO 4/12/2010." This filter would function provided there was available data from that time period.