Calendar Overview

I. Finding Upcoming Firm Events

1. Clicking Calendar in the top menu will display your entire firm's events as a list.

Figure 1: List of firm events.

2.  You can also look for upcoming events by clicking the Upcoming Events tab in the left hand corner which will produce a drop-down menu of your firms upcoming events.

Figure 2: Click on Upcoming Events

1. To view your calendar, go to Calendar and select My Calendar from the drop down menu.

Figure 1: Click on My Calendar

2. You can choose to view your daily, weekly, or monthly calendar by clicking the icons in the calendar's upper right hand corner.

Figure 2: Click on the calendar icons

 3. You can also choose to view your firm's calendar by selecting Firm Calendar from the same drop down menu.

Figure 3: Click on Firm Calendar

4. You can also view the firm calendar by clicking on the Firmwide tab. Use the back and forward arrows to see previous or subsequent days/weeks/months.

Figure 4: Click on the arrows

5. Double click any day on your calendar to display the schedule for that day.

Figure 5: View the event scheduled for a particular day

6.  If the event is a statute depending on the urgency of it, the event it will be colored differently. If it is a one month statue it will be red, within a year it will be green, and it is more than a year it will be pink.

Figure 6: Events with a Statute Expiry are colored differently depending on their urgency
III. Editing and Adding an Event

1. Clicking in an event on your calendar will take you to a description of the event.

2. From there you can make changes to the event and click Save to save it.

3. You can also click on Save & Add Another to add another event.

4. 5. Clicking on an event in the calendar or in your browsing lists will allow you to edit the event.  You can change the Title and Type.

Figure 4: Fill in the information and Save it.

To view your entire firm's events, move the cursor to Calendar and select Browse Firm Events
IV. Viewing Events by Case and Creating Events

1. To view events by case, first select the case you wish to view.

2. Go to Calendar and select Browse Case Events from the drop-down menu.
3. To create a new event, go to Calendar and select New Event from the drop-down menu.  (For help creating event warnings, go here).

4.You can also create a new event by double clicking in the hour of the day you would like the new event to be added to.  This can be done while viewing the Weekly or Daily calendar view.

6. You can also add an event by clicking the New Event button on the left or clicking on the Add Event tab on the top of your list of case events.
Figure 5: Click Add Event
V. Deleting an Event

Only Firm Administrators and Power Users can delete events.

1. Go to Calendar and select Browse Events.

1.  Clicking on the Red "X" that will appear on the left side of the browsing lists.

Figure 1: Deleting an Event
2. By selecting in  the event as if you were editing it and clicking Delete Event at the bottom of the event's description.  Remember deleting an event is permanent.
Figure 2: Click on Delete Event