File Types You Can Upload in MerusCase

At MerusCase, we understand the wide range of files and file types attorneys need to keep track of for their cases. That's why we allow users to upload an extensive scope of different file types through our Upload Tool and Messages attachments.



Here is a list of file types you can upload into MerusCase:



Microsoft Office Files: .doc, .docx, .docm, .dotx, .opd, .odt, .opd.ppt, .pptm, .pptx, .potm, .potx, .ppam, .ppsm, . xls, .xlsx, .xlam


Other Document Files: .wp, .wp5, .wp6, .wpd, .w60, .w61, .wp6, .wps, .txt, .rtf


Data Set Files: .tab, .tsv, 


Image Files: .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .bmp, .bitmap, .bmpp, .bmpf, .bmp_, .tif, .tiff., .gif, .giff, .png, .pngf, .png_


Audio Files: .mp3, .mp4,.m4a, .wav, .wma


Video Files: .avi, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mov


Compressed Files: .zip, .rar, .tar, .gz, .7z


Other File Types: .eml, .msg, .zip, .xfml, .xml, .vsd, .vss, .vsw, .vst, 





For security reasons, we also prohibit certain file types from being uploaded into MerusCase.



Prohibited file types: .dcm, .html, .inc, .php





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