Changing Firm or Branch Office Letterhead

In MerusCase, you have the option to use your own custom letterhead, as you can merge case info into both built-in and custom letters. When you first come on board with MerusCase, we help you create a letterhead that works for you. However, you may want to make changes to your letterhead in the future. Making changes to your letterhead is as easy as making changes to preexisting templates in your firm!



1. Hover over Tools, and click on Settings and Options

2. Click on Systemwide Settings in the accordion menu on the left hand side.

3. Click on Firm Branch Offices from the same menu.

4. Click on the letterhead icon next to the corresponding Firm Branch Office.





You will then see a panel that allows you to download your existing letterhead as a Microsoft Word document (by clicking Open Current Letterhead). Now you can make changes. In this window, you can also upload your new/edited letterhead by clicking the Upload icon.




Merge a test letter or two to make sure you have what you want, and you are good to go!