Using the Upload Tool

If you need to upload documents, templates or batch scans to MerusCase, our easy-to-use Upload Tool makes the process simple. Just follow these few steps:



  1. Navigate to Documents > Upload Tool. 




From here, you can either:

  • Click on the folder in the Upload Tool, which turns green when you hover over it, and select the files to be uploaded
  • Or drag and drop files from your computer to the Upload Tool folder in MerusCase.


If you're using the non-drag-and-drop method of selecting files from a pop-up window, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the folder in the Upload Tool, which turns green when you hover over it.
  2. A window will pop open, allowing you to choose one or several files (this is a typical file browsing window generated by your operating system).
  3. If you wish to select multiple files, hold down the CTRL key as you select your files for Windows. If you're working on a Mac, hold the Command key as you select files.





  1. Select the Upload Type

Under Upload Type, choose an option that describes the type of file you are transferring to MerusCase. File type options include:

  • Document
  • Office (MS Word) Template
  • Court Form Template
  • Batch Scan
  • Invoice Template
  1. Attach to case


If the uploaded file(s) are associated with a specific case, be sure to type in the case name in the "Attach to Case" field and choose the appropraite case from the drop-down menu that appears.


  1. Click Upload.


The selected file will appear on the Upload Tool page under file progress. It will inform you when the process is complete.





Once the upload process is complete, you can find and manage your newly uploaded files in several locations.