Scanning Documents for a Batch Upload

Several enterprise-size scanners can import a large batch of documents, but separating those files afterwards can be a tricky, technical process. With Meruscase, we make it easy. Simply insert a separator sheet between each document in your batch of files to be scanned and watch the magic happen.



Batch scanning your documents



  1. Gather all documents you would like to scan.
  2. Insert our separator sheet between all documents you want to separate.
  3. Scan the documents into a single file (PDF).


Adding the separator sheet



The important part of the batch upload is the separator sheet and the bar code on it. Without the barcode, MerusCase will not detect where your documents need to be separated. The scale and orientation may be changed without any compromise in performance, but the bar code must remain intact. For example, these documents show what will be recognized by the batch upload system:




Before physically scanning the documents, we suggest first programming the following settings for your scanner:



  • Resolution: 150-300 DPI
  • Non-Dithered
  • Black and White (1-bit or Non-Grayscale)



Here's a close up of scans that are dithered and non-dithered. As you can see, the dithered scan causes noise that interferes with the image. We suggest switching your settings to non-dithered to prevent errors with your uploads. 





You can use this sample batch scan document for practice.
After creating the file, you will need to upload it to MerusCase and tag it as a Batch Scan document. After uploading, you can manage the newly separated batch of documents, assign them to specifc cases, and email them to coworkers or clients.
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