Combining Documents Within a Case

In the event that you need to print or send a large batch of documents pertaining to a specific case, MerusCase provides a simple method to combine your forms into one downloadable and/or printable file.


Merging Documents within MerusCase:

1. Within your selected case, check the box to the left of the completed forms. 




2. Click the "Combine Documents" button beneath the Activity tab at the top of the case.




3. You will be given the option to either download a .zip archive of the files, or view them as a PDF.




4. Choosing "Download PDF" will bring up the documents merged in PDF for printing/reading. However if you choose "Download Zip Archive", a merged document will appear at the top of your activities list. It's tag will be "Document", and the description will begin with "Case File Archive."The original forms will be left intact below.