Detaching a Contact from a Company

When an attorney changes firms, or a contact changes companies, it's important to detach them from their former company and add them to their current company. This ensures that the correct address will be auto-filled on your court documents.
If the contact has an address for themselves, this might not be an issue. However, sometimes a contact is added to a company and the company information is sufficient to contact them and the contact information is blank. Without changing the company, the contact will inherit the company's contact information and it will be incorrect on the court documents. 



Detaching a contact from a company



  1. Navigate to the case where the contact is located.
  2. Click the Parties section.
  3. Click on the contact.
  4. Click Detach Company to remove the person from the company.






Another method to remove a contact from a company



  1. Navigate to Contacts > Browse Companies.
  2. Filter the company by searching for the company's name.
  3. Click the company details icon.





  1. There are three sections: Companie details, Cases, and Employees. Click the Employees section.
  2. Filter the results with the employee's name.
  3. Click the detach company icon.



NOTE:  when you detach a person from a company, it does not delete them from the database.



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