Click-to-Call Phone Numbers

The click-to-call feature in MerusCase allows you to click on any phone number within the system and call it directly from your mobile device. When you look at a contact, you'll notice that their phone numbers show up as clickable text, which means you can follow the directions below in order to quickly call a client!


Before we get started, you should note that you'll be able to call without problem from a mobile phone; however, you can also use click-to-call from a VOIP-enabled mobile device, such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. For example, if you have Skype Click-to-Call or FaceTime installed on your Windows or Mac, the call will be performed through those programs. If you're unsure of whether or not you have telephony integration on your computer, please check with your VOIP provider.


Step 1: From your mobile phone, locate the phone number of the contact you'd like to call.
Step 2: Click on the phone number.



Step 3: After you click on the number, a menu will pop up and ask you what you'd like to do. From here, you can choose to call the number you clicked on.



If you use the click-to-call feature from your desktop, your browser will launch whatever VOIP application you have installed (such as Skype). Please note that, if you don't have a VOIP application installed, nothing will happen upon click.