Consolidating / Merging Cases

Situations may arise where you want to combine or merge separate cases into one single case. For example, if a worker's copmensation application or personal injury plaintiff has multiple injury claims against a single defendent, you can wrap these cases into one file.

The details of each separate case, including the injury date, location, court case number and other specifics, will still be available and listed separately in the case's Injuries or Incident Tab.

Only users with Administrator and Power User access levels can combine and merge cases. If you're not sure about your access level, please see our article on how to check your user / firm administrator status.

If you are an Admin or Power User, follow these steps to combine cases:

1. Navigate to Cases > Browse Cases.
2. Use the search filter to locate the cases you want to combine.
3. Click the checkboxes next to each of the cases you want to combine.

*Be forewarned that once you combine cases, the action cannot be undone so make sure you choose the correct cases to merge.




  1. Click on Combine/Merge Cases.





A window will appear warning you that this action is permanent and asking you to confirm you want to do this before the cases are consolidated. Remember this action is permanent and cannot be undone.


  1. Click Yes, merge