Creating a New Case Activity

Every time you merge or upload a document, send an email or create a calendar event and link it to a case, MerusCase automatically creates a new activity in your case's Activity Tab.

However, there may also be times when you want to add an activity to a case that does not get populated automatically. For example, when you receive or make a phone call pertaining to a case, you may want to record the details of that call in the case's Activity Tab. Start by following these steps:



1. Open a case (Go to Cases > Browse Cases and select your case from the list)
2. Click the Activities Tab
3. Click on New Activity in the upper, right-hand corner, and a New Case Activity window will appear.




4. Choose an Activity Tag
5. Edit dit the Date and Time
6. Insert a Description

*You may also use Time Tracking here.

5. Click Save.






This new activity will now appear in the Activity Tab, which tracks all actions, messages, and changes within a case. An activity, once created, cannot be deleted unless you are an Administrator or you just created the activity within the last 24 hours.






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