Restricting User Access Based on Location

You have the option to limit user access to MerusCase based on IP address. This means you can limit non-admin user access to only the office, or only the office and their home address by using an IP address white-list.

Reminder: You must be an admin user to be able to set non-admin access restrictions.
1. Navigate to Tools > Settings & Options
2. Click on User Management in the menu on the left-hand side.
Go to the Tools menu and click on Settings  and Options


3. Go to the User List tab and locate the user for whom you would like to limit access.

  • Use the filter and search bar to sort the user list by first name, last name, user name, status, initials, or even last login time.



Filter for the users name

4. In the User Account tab, click the Edit button on the right-hand side.



Click in User Account and click Edit


5.  Then enter the IP address you would like to allow the user to log in from. 



Fill in the user account information and click Save
6.  If you don't see the option to enter an IP address, make sure the user is not set as an administrator.
If the user is an Admin User, their access can not be restricted



Hint: You can see your current IP address by clicking the "Use this IP address" feature. Choosing the "Use this IP address" option will add your current IP address as one of the only IP addresses through which the user can access MerusCase. Separate IP addresses by using a comma.



Change the IP address here
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