Changing Firm Settings / Details

Like all company contacts in your rolodex, your firm details are stored with a contact profile in MerusCase. However, your firm settings can affect many features in Merus, including the way your firm details appear in merged templates and forms.

If you need to change firmwide details, such as your firm's name, type, EAMS number or contact information, you can do so by following these steps:



1. Go to Tools > Settings & Options.
2. In the left navigation pane, under Account, click Firm.







3. Click Edit in the top, right-hand corner.








From here, you can edit your firm's name, type, employer ID number, contact information and other details. Please note that changes here will affect how your firm details appear in merged templates and court forms.





After making the desired changes to your firm details, be sure to click Save



Only users designated as firm administrators can make these changes. If you find yourself unable to alter the firm details, you can may want to check your user / firm administrator status.