How to Order Subpoena Records in Merus

The Subpoena Records tab is a built in feature for Workers Compensation Attorneys on the Applicant side. This feature connects with a record subpoena company and orders records based on what parties and types of records you choose all within Merus.

Order Records from Within a Case  

Once you are in a case that you want to subpoena records for, access the Subpoena Records option on the menu to left of your screen under Case Overview you can click on Subpoena Records.  You can also find this same option in the accordion menu in the middle of your screen on the right next to the Settlements tab. 


Order Records from Tools on the Main Menu

Another way to access this interface is at the top menu on your screen in MerusCase. Hover over Tools and click on Get Records from the menu. 

Once you click on one these options a form will appear which you can fill out to specify the information you need.  Once you have filled it out click the Submit button on the upper right hand side and your order will be sent to GenieDocs. Now your order is complete.