Submitting DWC Packets in MerusCase Via JET File



JET File is a California Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) service that allows filers to submit multiple "forms" and attachments in one click of a button. 

 It is designed for large-volume filers who file a hundred or more of any one of the following forms annually:



  • Application for Adjudication of Claim
  • Compromise and Release
  • Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (Hearing)
  • Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (Expedited Trial)
  • Stipulations with Request for Award


How to JET File with Workers' Compensation



  1. Sign-up to use JET File.  
  2. Go to Tools > DWC E-File Packets
  3. Click New DWC Packet.
  4. Type in the case.





  1. Select a Packet Type.
  2. After you've created the forms for the case, then attach the cover letter and the form to the case.
  3. Fill out the info then click the blue link "view packet" to go back to the packet.
  4. Drag and drop the documents from left to right. Documents on the left side are the ones in your case already.
  5. Click Save Signature then click Submit.
You'll receive a response from EAMS usually within a few hours in the Workers Compensation E-File Packet interface. The reply will show up in the Court Filings tab. Also, you'll still receive notification from the courts as you always have in the past.