Adding New Statute Types

The Statutes feature in MerusCase gives you  the ability to add an event to the case and firm calendar that reflects a user specified length of time. This makes it easier for you to see when the statute of limitations for an injury is coming up.

The Statute Expiry date will be reflected in the case in the injury details and in the firm calendar. You will be able to see details about the injury and you will know when the statute of limitations for that injury is approaching.

The statute date uses Event Types to set a date in the case and firm calendar.
Statutes are located in the Systemwide Settings section.
**Note** Before adding a New Custom Statute to use, you'll want to add Event Types that will be used by the statute feature.


To add a Statute to your firm-wide statute selections:

1. Go to the Tools menu, hover over it, and select Settings and Options from the drop-down menu.

2. Select Statutes from the Left Panel.


3. Click on New Custom Statute to create a new statute for the firm to be able to use.



See the article entitled How to Add a Statute to a Case to learn more.