Assigning Application Deadlines

Assigning a Date for "Application for Adjudication" and "Serious and Willful" through the Date of Injury

1. Navigate to the desired case and go to the "Injuries" tab.


2. Click on Add New Injury.


4. Add the Date of Injury.



5. Once the Date of Injury is filled, the "Application for Adjudication" and "Serious and Willful" deadlines will automatically fill in.



 6. Click Save.


 *Note* If the filled in deadline dates are wrong for some reason you can always click on Clear  Deadline and write in the correct date.



Assigning a Date for "Application for Adjudication" and "Serious and Willful" through Finalized Applications


Merus makes remembering dates easy. Once you fill in an Application and Finalize it, Merus automatically fills the finalized application date as the date you filed it in the Injuries tab.

1. Once inside the desired case, go to Forms & Templates on the accordion on the left side of your screen.



2. Click on all forms and search for the form you want to create for the case. Refine your search results with the filter (you can filter by Name, File type, Jurisdiction, and Revision)


3. Type in the name or keywords of the form in the search bar.


4. Once you've located the correct form, click Create.



5. Fill in all forms and click Finalize.


6. When you go back to the Injuries tab, you will see that the Filing Date has now been filled in for that application.



*Note* Only click Finalize once you are sure the form is perfect as Finalizing a form is permanent.