Troubleshooting: Fonts in the Word template I created are not the same when merged

The fonts in the Word document template I created are not the same when I merge them. What's wrong?





When using Microsoft Word to create templates, you might merge it and find that the document uses inconsistent fonts where there were merge fields. If you've checked the template and confirmed that its fonts are set properly, styles are probably causing the problem.

Word 2007 and onward uses a document formatting component called styles. Styles are presets for font, size, spacing, and alignment. When pasting copied content or inserting content using a merge field, Microsoft word will look at that selection's style and set the new content's font, size, spacing, and alignment according to the style's settings.

Before updating the merge fields' styles, you should ensure that you have the fonts set how you want them. Select the body text of the letter, including the merge fields in question.



Next, select the font that it needs to be.





Now that you're sure you have all of your merge fields' fonts set properly, you'll need to update their underlying styles to match. Select the merge field in question, and you'll notice it has a yellow-bounded box  selected under "Styles" in the ribbon (likely the Normal style).





Right-click on that box, and click on Update Normal to Match Selection, and it will change the font and size settings in that selection's style to match what you've picked.

After updating the style on the first merge field, you can change all subsequent merge fields in the document to the update one by selecting them and then clicking on that style box under Styles.

Now you can upload the document as an office form again, and merge, and it should work without a problem.