Task Icons Overview

Previously, this article was entitled "What are Task Colors?" and has been updated as the Task Feature in Merus has been updated.
MerusCase provides three priorities for Tasks with different icons depending on whether or not your task is Due at a date in the future (including today) or if you task is overdue. Task icons are visible while browsing Firm Tasks, viewing tasks Assigned to Me and in the left-hand accordion under Case Tasks while in a case. 


Icons indicating Task Priority


The task priority has an associated icon depending on the level of urgency selected:


  • High Priority Tasks have a red flag  to the left of the Task Description.
  • Normal Priority Tasks are indicated by a yellow flag  to the left of the Task Description.
  • Low Priority Tasks have a white flag  to the left of the Task Description.


Task priority is also indicated when tasks are overdue, but have their own special Overdue Icons. All overdue tasks will be represented by a fire emblem:


  • High Priority Overdue Tasks have three fires (one large and two small on either side) to the left of the Task Description. 
  • Normal Priority Overdue are indicated by one large fire emblem   to the left of the Task Description. 
  • Low Priority Overdue Tasks are indicated by a small fire emblem  to the left of the Task Description. 


Parent Task and Sub-Task Icons


Any Task has the ability to become Parent Tasks with a Sub-Task associated with it. Parent Tasks and Sub-Tasks follow the same task icon conventions for priority and overdue, but there are some additions to each:


  • Parent Tasks   are indicated by the blue number in the lower right of the task icon .  In the example shown, the parent task is a high priority task with one sub-task. If this task had two sub-tasks, there would be a blue number two and so on for each additional task. 
  • Sub-Tasks also known as Child Tasks are connected to the Parent Task it was added to. Sub-Tasks are indicated visually in Merus by displaying the task in a smaller font and in a grey text color. Sub-Tasks are also indented with this symbol .



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