Creating a New Sub-Task

Creating a New Sub-Task while creating a New Parent Task


  1. Go to Tasks and click on New Task in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Choose an Assignee, Due Date, Priority, and enter in a Description.
  3. Usually, you would then click Save. However, to add a new Sub-Task, click on Save & Add Sub-Task.



Creating a New Sub-Task from an Existing Parent Task


  1. Go to Tasks and fIlter for the desired Task you would like to become the Parent Task.
  2. Once your soon to be Parent Task is located, click on the task and click on Add Sub-Task.
  3. After clicking on Add Sub-Task, a window at the top of your screen will open (almost identical to the Add New Task interface) where you can enter in the Assignee, Due Date, Priority, and Description. If the Parent Task is already associated with a case, the Sub-Task will have the same case already populated. If the Parent Task does not have an associated case, no Case will be displayed at all. *Note* It is not possible to assign a sub-task to a case.



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