Adding a New Workflow

Workflows in MerusCase is a feature that allows you to seamlessly automate your tasks and events. Instead of creating multiple tasks and events for the staff throughout your firm, a workflow will create them for you. These tasks and events will generate based on the tag you assign to an activity.


Adding a New Workflow


1. Go to Tools > Settings & Options.


2. Under Automation Setup in the left-hand accordion, click on Workflow.


3. Click on Add New Workflow.



4. After clicking on Add New Workflow, a new box will appear on your screen beneath this button. 



5. Select the Activity Tag from the drop-down menu. The selected activity tag will trigger the workflow's tasks and/or events once any user in the firm adds a new Case Activity with this tag.



6. Select and fill in the type of action (Task, Sub-Task, Calendar Event), the frequency, description, and assignee. If you have selected a Calendar Event, you must also select an event type


7. To add more actions or triggers in your workflow, click on Add Another Action.



8. Once all desired actions have been added and formatted, click Save. Your new workflow has been created and will now automatically create the tasks, subtasks, and/or events you have specified. 




Pro Tip: Tasks, subtasks, and events in Workflow are calculated based on when the workflow is triggered. Workflows are triggered when an action with the assigned activity tag is completed within the system.