How to get a Report of all Open Cases

 To get a report of all your open cases:

  1. Go to top menu in your screen and mouse over "Cases" a drop down menu will appear and click on "Browse" in the drop down menu.  Your page will navigate to the Cases tab.
  2. From here, locate your filter and select "Status" from the drop down menu.  

Figure 1: Change the search Filter to Status
3. Type "Open" in the search field and the search will result in all open cases.
Figure 2: Type Open in the status box
4. If you would like to print this report of all open cases, you have two options: 1. printing all the results or 2. just printing what is shown in the panel.  

 To print all the results found for "open cases" simply click on "Print Table (XX Records)" where the 'XX' show how many records are ready to be printed.
Figure 3: Click on print table to print all open cases
 To print just the results shown in the panel, click on "Print Panel" in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  To ensure that you are printing just the panel, MerusCase will highlight the panel in orange when you hover over the "Print Panel" button to signify that it will print only what is highlighted. 
Figure 4: Print panel prints just the cases on the screen
Also, to filter by Attorney Responsible:
  1. Click the "+" icon next to the filter menu.
  2. Select the Filter drop-down to Staff Respon.
  3. Type in the initials of the staff person.
Figure 5: Can also include a search for Staff Responsible
Please note that if your record of open cases is rather large, it will take a moment to gather all the pieces to prep for printing.  Also, if you would like both "Open" and "Stip" cases, you can just type "Open OR Stip" in the search field.

Figure 6: Can search for both open and stipulated cases in one search