Searching by Date of Incident/Injury

In a perfect [Merus] world, it's easy to find a case by the plaintiff's name. However, what if you receive a Document for a case where the plaintiff's name is common? What if you have multiple cases for a John Smith?  What if the only identifying information on that Document is the plaintiff's name and the DOI? 
Then what?!
Well, then you recall reading this help article! :-) 
In MerusCase, you can locate the correct John Smith by matching the DOI on that document with the correct case. 
How? There are two methods: 
  1. Using the Hover Preview Tool in your Case List
  2. Running a Date of Injury/Incident Report

Method 1: Hover Preview Tool


  1. Click on Cases from the main menu.
  2. Filter by Name for "John Smith" - your long list of cases will filter down to only to cases where the Plaintiff's name is John Smith. 
  3. Move your cursor/mouse over the file + magnifying glass icon (don't click!).
  4. When you hover over this icon, a window will appear giving you a snapshot of the case details including the Date of Incident (for PI cases) or  allowing you to select the correct John Smith case. 

Method 2: Date of Injury/Incident Report


  1. Go to Tools > Reports.    
  2. Click on Date of Injury/Incident.
  3. Once clicked, a dialogue box will pop up prompting you to Please Specify Reporting Criteria.       
  4. Select a Date Range from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select Case Type. Note: You can select multiple case types. For instance, to select Bankruptcy, Civil, and Consult Only, click on Bankruptcy and then while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click Civil and Consult Only. Selected case types will be highlighted in blue once selected. If you do not hold down Ctrl, then only one case type will be selected. 
  6. Select Case Status from the drop-down menu. 
  7. Click Run Report.
  8. Once clicked, Merus will open a new tab in your browser displaying the Date of Injury/Incident Report per your chosen specifications. 
  9. To locate the correct case by Date of Incident, hit Ctrl+f (Cmd+f on a Mac) and type in the DOI that you're looking for.