Placing Vehicles in a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

While in many ways the Incident tab in a Motor Vehicle Accident case allows you to record similar information to the general Personal Injury Incident tab, it also includes information specific to incidents involving vehicles, such as Incidient Conditions, where you can enter in details pertaining to the circumstances surrounding the accident, as well as the ability to include vehichcles and witnesses, as well as add them to a map indicating their position at the time of the accident.


The Incident Conditions section of the incident tab allows you to record information related to the weather at the time of the incident, traffic conditions, and the nature of the trip, all on top of the general incident information, such as court case numbers, and a description of the incident, as well as the police report details.


Motor Vehicle Incident Details


In a Motor Vehicle Accident case in Merus, you can also add vehicles and witnesses, as well as map their position, allowing a quick visual reference while you're working in a case.


If a valid address is entered for the incident, while you're editing your incident, you can click on a vehicle or witness icon in the map key to quickly relocate it to the incident address. Once it's located near the location of the incident, you can click and drag the vehichle and witness icons on the map to indicate their position at the time of the incident.


Motor Vehicle Incident Map


To add a vehichle to your Incident tab, click Edit in the top right corner of the Incident tab, and move down to the Vehicles section. Click the Add Vehicle Button to create a new automobile which was involved in the incident.


In addition to details about the vehicle, such as the Make, Model, license plate information, and VIN, you can also note monetary loss as a result of the incident, and indicate which sections of the vehicle were damaged.


Motor Vehicle Incident Vehicle Details


If you add any parties to your case whose Party Type is set to Witness, they will appear in the Witnesses section of the Incident tab, as well as on the map. When editing your Incident tab, you can also specify if they were in a vehicle, and if they were, where in the vehicle they were sitting.


Motor Vehicle Incident Witnesses