Incident Details



The Incident Tab is a very dynamic resource for keeping track of case information. This tab will present you with different details depending upon the case type you select. It appear in place of the Injuries tab when the case type is set to Personal Injury. Clicking this tab brings you to a page where you can view and edit important details pertaining to the incident.



Here is an overview of the General Incident Tab.



Editing Incident Details:   

           By clicking the EDIT  , you'll be able to make changes to all of the information you see above.

          The first field you'll see available to edit is the Address field. Merus has Google Maps integrated into its platform, so when you begin typing an address it will provide auto complete options for the address you appear to want. Once you enter the address, the field below will show the map of the address and surrounding streets as a quick view reference whenver you open the tab.














   While still in EDIT, scroll down past the map and you will see other Incident Details you may add/change. These include whether or not an Ambulance was required, details on any Police Report which may have been made, and even the weather conditions when the incident occurred. 

Saving your changes:

          Once you are done making changing, click the SAVE button in the top right corner of the edit screen.  Your edits are not permanent until this button is clicked. If you do click cancel, or close the browser window without saving, all information in the Incident Tab will revert back to what is was before you clicked EDIT.