Microsoft Word AddIns for Merus

Update: The tools described in this article have been deprecated in favor of QuickSave. They are no longer supported in MerusCase.

These two AddIn tools for Microsoft Word allow a MerusCase user to download a Microsoft Word document, whether merged against MerusCase data or not, edit it, and re-save the file up to the MerusCase platform from within Microsoft Word.

This plugin is available for both Word 2003 and Word 2007. You may save your file in any format you wish. The document is saved into MerusCase attached to the case chosen when the Microsoft Word template was accessed.

Any Microsoft operating system that supports these versions of Microsoft Word may be used. This includes Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

Download Now

Installers are archived in .ZIP format.

  • MerusCase AddIn for Microsoft Word 2007 (download link removed)
  • MerusCase AddIn for Microsoft Word 2003 (download link removed)

Note that merged files generated by MerusCase are in Word 2007 format, so if you're using Word 2003, you'll need the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack from Microsoft.

After Downloading

Unzip the archive and run setup.exe.
The 2007 installer requires a valid installation of  Microsoft Word 2007 and .NET Framework 3.5. If .NET is not installed, the installer will attempt to download the package from Microsoft and install it for you.

The 2003 installer requires a valid installation of Microsoft Word 2003, .NET Framework 2.0, VSTO 2005, and Office 2003 Interop Assemblies. Aside from MS Word itself, if any of these libraries are unavailable, the installer will attempt to download the appropriate package(s) from Microsoft and install them for you.

If you have all the required libraries, either installation will complete in moments. If you need to download a .NET library, expect the installation to take 15-20 minutes. You will also be prompted to restart Windows.

Troubleshooting a Failed Install

As both MerusCase AddIns may require libraries to be downloaded and installed directly from Microsoft, there are opportunities for the setup application to fail. An interruption in your internet connection while downloading one of the required libraries, for instance, could cause this to occur.

As a result, you may wish to download the required libraries and install them separately.

For the MS Word 2003 AddIn:

For the MS Word 2007 AddIn: