How do I view a TIFF (.tif or .tiff) file in Merus?

When files are downloaded in your web browser (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer) another program is used to open and handle that newly downloaded file, like Word, Adobe Reader, an image viewer, etc.

When you download a TIFF file it's treated as any other type of document. Like PDF files or Microsoft Word documents, viewing a TIFF file depends on an appropriate application or browser plugin being present to then be able to handle that TIFF file accordingly.

How some file are handled when downloaded:
-If you download a PDF in Firefox, the Adobe Acrobat plugin typically opens it.
-If you use Chrome to download a PDF, it uses Chrome's built-in PDF viewer.
-If you download a Word document, Microsoft Word on your PC or Mac opens the file.

MerusCase is web based, so you can use plugins and add-ons in your browser to open this particular file type. AlternaTIFF, for example, works with both Chrome and Firefox.