Printing mailing labels

Whether you're mailing documents to a single party or multiple parties, Merus makes the process of printing mailing labels quick and easy. Just follow these steps...



Printing Individual Address on Envelope

If you're looking to print a mailing label for an individual contact, start by finding that party's contact profile in MerusCase. Here are the two ways you can locate a party's Contact Details in our system:


In Contacts

1. Navigate to Contacts > Browse Contacts.
2. Filter by Name and search for the Contact name.
3. The Contact's name should appear in the list below. Click on the party's name to open their Contact Details.




In Cases

1. Navigate to Cases > Browse Cases.
2. Find the Case with which the Contact is associated. Click on the Case's name to open the case file.
3. Navigate to the Parties tab to pull up a list of parties associated with the case.
4. Find the contact you're looking for and click on the icon with their name to open their Contact Details.



*Tip: If you have a large group of contacts in one case, you may want to use the Find tool by pressing the CTRL and F buttons at the same time on your keyboard. This should bring up a Find tool, which enables you to search for a specific word or phrase, such as a Contact name.


5. Click the Print Envelope button directly below the address in Contact Details.





6. At this point, you can edit the contact's address before printing in case you need to make any last-minute changes.
7. If you're not using envelopes with a pre-printed return address, you may want to click the Include Return Address checkbox to print your return address on the envelope.


*Tip: To change your firm or branch office's mailing address, please see our separate help article on how to change firm and branch office settings.




8. Click the Print button to generate an envelope-sized PDF that includes the mailing addresses you've chosen to print. You can either save the PDF to print later or print it directly from your browser.






Printing Mailing Labels for Multiple Parties


To print mailing labels for all the contacts associated with a particular case:


1. Open the the case file in Cases
2. Navigate to the Parties tab
3. In the upper, right-hand corner, hover your mouse over the printer icon, and a drop-down menu will appear with two options.
4. Click Create Mailing Labels.



5. Choose the type of mailing label paper you plan to print your labels on (find a list printable address label sheets on the Avery Office Supplies website).
6. Click the Prepare button with a thumbs-up icon to gemerate a PDF of mailing labels for your contacts.




A new browser tab should pop up with the PDF. You can either print the address labels directly from your browser or save them to your computer and print them later.