How do I change my computer's time?

If you're seeing a time synchronization popup message in MerusCase, please follow these instructions to update your computer's clock. Your computer's clock needs to be accurate to run MerusCase.


These settings may not be available if your computer is on a network domain. If you are on a domain, you'll need to correct the time on your server.



  1. Double click the computer's clock.
  2. When the "Date and Time Properties" window opens, click the Internet Time tab.
  3. Place a tick in the check box labelled Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.
  4. If you want to force an immediate synchronization, click the Update Now button.
  5. If you have problems connecting to the time server, you may be able to choose an alternative server via the drop down list labelled "Server".
  6. Click "OK" to save any changes and exit the "Date and Time Properties" window.