Shared Inboxes

Shared inboxes within MerusCase are a useful tool to help keep your firm organized when it comes to email. For example, if your firm has an email address similar to "" or "" that everyone in your firm should view or have access to, you can use the shared inboxes feature to streamline email messaging for those that often access the shared inbox.


How a Shared Inbox Works



It's important to note that a shared inbox in MerusCase works the same way as if you were to share an inbox with someone else. This means that, any changes you make in your view of the shared inbox will sync across all users who have access to the shared inbox. That said, if you read or delete a message, it will show up as read or deleted for everyone else as well.


Note: A shared inbox in MerusCase means that this inbox is visible to all users firmwide.


How to Setup Shared Incoming


The steps for setting up a shared inbox are almost identitcal to setting up your personal inbound email account, so you're probably already a pro! If you need a refresher, here are the steps to set up the shared inbox:


1. In MerusCase, click on Tools > Email Setup.



2. You'll see four tabs across the top, click on "Shared Incoming."


3. Follow instructions 3-9 for "Setting Up Incoming Emails."

How to Setup Shared Outbound


Again, setting up a shared outbound account is comparable to setting up your personal outbound email account.


  1. In MerusCase, click on Tools > Email Setup.
  2. You'll see four tabs across the top, click on "Shared Outbound."
  3. Follow instructions 3-9 for "Setting Up Outbound Emails."


When using a shared inbox, how do we know which emails have been responded to and which emails have not?


Great question! At MerusCase, we actually utilize the shared inbox feature to handle support requests, so we're well-versed in ways of shared inbox organization.


In order for us to keep track of who's responding to which email, the person who's handling the support email will attach the message to a case before they start working. This way, you know not to touch any of the emails that have already been attached to cases because they're already being handled by another email.