Sending a Message from Case Activities

If someone in your firm receives an email and links it to the appropriate case, that message is now visible firmwide and tagged as a message in Case Activities. Many users delete his/her messages upon linking to the case. So, how to you reply or follow up on that message if it's no longer in your inbox? The answer is all in a button called "Fwd".


Forwarding Messages from Case Activities


  1. Navigate to the Case and locate the message under Case Activites. 
  2. Click on the Message in Case Activities so that more details are displayed.
  3. Click on the Fwd button below Activity Tags.
  4. Once clicked, you will be taken to the Compose Message interface with the selected message already populated in your message. 


Why is there no Reply button in Case Activities? 


Many support requests come through with this very question.


We made this call when we designed the Messages interface because of a couple of use cases we considered as problematic. When you link a message to a case, it creates an activity entry which is public to everyone in the firm. Having a "Reply" button from the Activity would mean that anyone in the firm could hit reply and accidentally send that reply to people outside of the firm, calling into question the confidentiality of messages and email. We also wouldn't know who to send the reply message to by default. By having only "Forward" as an option, it forces the user to type in the recipient's email address ensuring the message won't be incorrectly shared.


Currently, the sender and/or recipient of the original message can still reply from his/her messages inbox (just not from Case Activities).