Outbox vs. Sent

Have you noticed that Merus has both an "Outbox" tab and a "Sent" tab in the message center? Here, we'll discuss the difference between the two tabs.





Normally, once a message has been composed, you hit send and that message is now displayed in the Sent items tabs. Well, what happens to a message that isn't deliverable? That's where the new Outbox tab comes into play.


The Outbox tab contains any message that has not been successfully sent to the recipient. If you have messages in your Outbox, then those messages need your attention! For instance, if you lose your internet connection when you initially send a message, the message will appear in the Outbox tab where you then have the choice to Discard the message and start over or Resend.


Note: If you see an email in your Outbox that means the recipient has not received your message and the message has not been saved to the corresponding casefile.


Sent Mail


Messages successfully sent through Merus will always be shown in the Sent tab and your Merus sent items now sync with the sent folder on your non-Merus email client as well. So, if you send a message to name@gmail.com in your non-Merus email, your Merus sent folder will also show that sent item. Remember: only messages that were successfully sent to the receipient will be shown in the "Sent" tab; otherwise, they will show up in your "Outbox" tab!