Messages & Email

One of the key functionalities every practice management system should have is a way to securely and quickly communicate with your clients. With MerusCase's integrated email system, each user has the ability to seamlessly send and receive messages to members of the firm and/or clients, link each correspondence to a case file, and sync his/her Merus mail to their already existing external email address. 



Navigate to Messages by hovering over Messages in the main menu and clicking on Inbox or by simply clicking on Messages.


Once you're in the messages area of Merus, you can search for a specific message, send a new message (logging billable time right in the application), and more. Messaging in Merus works like any email and messaging system you're familiar with:



  • Use the Search Bar by typing in a key word or phrase from the email you would like to find. 




  • Use the Filter drop-down menu to the left of the search bar to refine your search by recipient, subject, date, and/or case. *Note* Multiple filters can be used.
  • Quickly view All, Read, Unread, or Messages With Attachments with the four clickable buttons above the search bar.





  • Select the desired message(s) by checking the box to the left of the message and click Delete, Mark Unread, Mark Read, or Link to Case located below the search bar to quickly organize your messages.

Pro Tip #1: When Linking to Case, a there is a checkbox that says "Simultaneously Remove Message". If this box is checked, then upon linking the message to the case, that message will be deleted from you inbox (and either moved or deleted from your external email server based on your email setup).


Pro Tip #2:  You can customize whether or not this checkbox is always or never checked in your user preferences!