Undestanding the LEDES98b Invoice

When you open up your LEDES invoice after exporting it from MerusCase, you will notice that the contents look something like this:



In order to better understand the information in this file, we've put together a reference guide so that you can ensure the correct information appears in the appropriate field in your LEDES invoice. 


Specific case fields in MerusCase correspond mostly one-to-one with LEDES98b fields, and we also provide some extra fallback matching if fields in MerusCase are left empty. Below, we've noted the LEDES98b column name, which appears on the second line of the file exported from MerusCase.


For each column name, we've also indicated where in MerusCase you. For example, let's say you wanted to update the "INVOICE_DATE" for one of your invoices. In order to do this, you would need to find the "Billing Date of Invoice" field for that particular invoice in MerusCase.


Note: For some of the more difficult-to-find fields, we've added a more-specific explanation of where they can be found within MerusCase.



The INVOICE_DATE field is populated with the billing date of the invoice, as specified when the invoice is created.


This field is populated with the invoice reference number. This number is assigned incrimentally by MerusCase, and can include the case file number if the option is enabled in Firm Preferences.


Information for the CLIENT_ID field comes from the Electronic Billing ID or the Carrier Billing ID. If nothing is entered in either of these fields, MerusCase will use the  billing party’s contact ID or the case file ID. Both the contact ID and case file ID are unique identifiers used by Merus to identify the contact and case file, respectively.



To update your billing party's Electronic Billing ID, navigate to your case Parties tab, select the party set as the Bill To party under Case Info, and click Edit. The Electronic Billing ID field is found in the Supplemental section.

Electronic Billing ID




The Carrier Billing ID field is located under the Injuries tab, below the Carrier Claim Number fields.

Carrier Billing ID




Tle LAW_FIRM_MATTER_ID field will fill in the File Number set under Case Info in the Case Details tab of the corresponding case file.

Case File Number



This is the total dollar amount of a given invoice.



The BILLING_START_DATE field will use the Billing Start Date specified when creating an invoice. If no Billing Start Date was entered, it will instead use the date of the earliest ledger entry.



Today’s Date.



The INVOICE_DESCRIPTION field will use the Carrier Billing Description found under Injuries in your case file. If nothing is entered here, it will use the Electronic Billing Tag entered at the time an invoice is created. If this is not available, it will be left blank. Additionally, for a given invoice, only the INVOICE_DESCRIPTION for the first line item is used, subsequent entries will be ignored.



Within your case file, go to Injuries, and click Edit. The Carrier Billing Description field is located with the Carrier Billing Identifier underneath the Claim Number fields.

Carrier Billing Description




When creating a new invoice, the Electronic Billing Tag will be located beneath the Billing End Date and Billing Start Date.

Electronic Billing Tag




For each invoice, this starts at 1 and increases by 1 for each line item on the same invoice.



Most items entered in Merus will appear as F in this column, though may also appear as E, IF, or IE, depending on the charge type.



This column displays the number of hours billed for a given line item.



In Merus, this will always be 0.



The total dollar amount of a given charge.



The date of a given charge on the invoice.



This column includs the L-Code associated with the pre-defined billing description used when entering billable time in MerusCase.



LINE_ITEM_EXPENSE_CODE will populate the E-Code associated with the pre-defined description selected when entering an expense.



The A-Code associated with the pre-defined billing description used when entering billable time in MerusCase is included here.



The initials for the user who billed the time in MerusCase, as specified in their user entry found in Tools > Settings & Options > User Management > User List.



This column includes the description for the charge as entered in the case ledger.



This column will use the EIN/Tax ID Number for your firm. To set this information, you'll go to Tools > Settings & Options > Systemwide Settings > Firm Branch Offices and click the briefcase icon (if more than one Branch Office has been set up, click the briefcase icon for the main office location). 


Firm Tax ID Number



This column will include the rate set for the given charge.



TIMEKEEPER_NAME will include the name of the Merus user who billed the time.



Under Tools > Settings & Options > User Management > User List, this column will include the code corresponding to the Default Billing Level of the Merus user who billed the time.



CLIENT_MATTER_ID is populated with a comma delimited list of Carrier Billing IDs from all injuries in a case file, and limited to, at most, 20 characters.