Setting and Using Quick Codes in Merus

Setting Quick Codes




  1. As a Firm Administrator, go to Tools > Settings and Options.

  2. Under Systemwide Settings, click on Billing (UTBMS) Codes

  3. Click Add Billing Code or locate an existing code to Edit.

  4. Creating a Quick Code for a Billing Code, enter in a Description Text and, in the same description, type in "<<desired quick code number>>". For example, if you would like to create a code for "Receipt and Review of..." as code number "11", write in the description: "Receipt and Review of... <<11>>"

Using Quick Codes


  1. Once inside a case, navigate to any designated add billable time area. In this example, we will log time through the Global Time Tracker

  2. In the Record Time Charges area, enter the Quick Code number in the description. In this example, enter in "11". MerusCase will give you suggestions on which code to use as you type. "Select Receipt and Review of... <<11>>" from the list of suggestions. 

  3. Enter your billable time and click Save.

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