Creating a Ledger Item

Welcome to Books. MerusCase helps you keep track of invoices and receivables easier than ever. The following is an overview of how this feature works.

The life of an invoice begins as a ledger item with the Type set to one of the four invoice selections: 

  • Billable Time
  • Deposition Fee
  • TD
  • Settlement Reached

Figure 1: Ledgers

Creating Ledger Items that can be Invoiced

There are three ways to create a Billable Time ledger item in MerusCase

1. In a New Activity for a case

When creating a New Activity while in a case.
1. Go to the activity tab
2. Click on the new activity button on the right hand corner of the screen.

Figure 1: New Activity button

3. New Case Activity window will open click on Add Time Charges

Figure 2: Add Time Charges

4. Fill in the information and Save.

Figure 3: Fill in the information and save

2. When you are in a case and composing a case message

  1. When composing a case message. Click the Add Time Charges link.
Figure 4: Compose a message and click on Add Time Charges

2. Create a ledger item from the Ledger tab of the Case.
1. Go to a case and either open up the ledger tab or ledger on the menu on the left
2. Then click on the New Ledger Item button on the right
Figure 5: New Ledger Item

3. The global Log Time icon.
Figure 6: Global Time Icon
Figure 7:  Fill in Case information
Figure 8: Fill in Time Charges for that case

Once the Add Time Charges is clicked the time will automatically start counting and calculate the Amount based on Hours x Rate. You can set your default Rate and have time charges automatically turned on in your User Preferences.