Applying a Payment to an Invoice

  1. Go to Books > Open Invoices.
  2. In the Open Invoices tab, you will see all unpaid invoices. 
  3. To apply a payment to an invoice, click on Apply New Payment to Invoice next to the selected invoice.
  4. Once selected, you will be taken to a new page to Record New Payment.
  5. Click Save when all fields are filled. 


There is also a second way to adjust payments to invoices.
To do this, begin by going to the "Unreconciled Payments" tab.
Keep in mind that these payments may or may not have been applied to an invoice yet, so we can make specific edits to these payments and apply them to specific invoices y clicking the following icon:
This will then take you to a page called "Payment Detail", which looks as follows:
Keep in mind that we're looking at a generic payment that has not yet been applied to a case. To apply this payment to a specific invoice/case, begin typing in the name of the case you wish to apply it to in the case section. A search feature will pop up and allow you to select the case. 
After selecting the desired case, you can utilize the filters following the "Limit By" section. The "None" button applies no filter, the "Matter" button will display invoices solely from the case that you typed in, whereas "Bill To", will display all the cases that the payor (in this case Chucky Cheese) is a contact in. 


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