Adding new billing codes to ledgers

If you want a Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) billing code that isn't included in your ledgers, then you likely need to add them to your firm. We don't automatically add all the codes to reduce the amount of time you need searching for them.



  1. Go to Tools > Settings and Options.
  2. In the left navigation pane, under Systemwide Settings, click on Billing (UTBMS) Codes.
  3. Click on Add Billing Code on the upper right of your screen. 






Then a Generic (Non-UTBMS) code will created in your list of codes. This is the code you want to edit by changing the Task/Expense Code field to either an Expense Code (E) or a Litigation Code (L), which requires an Activity Code (A). Fill in these fields, add a Description, and add an order if you want them to display in a specific order. The Description will be used to auto-fill the Ledger description when a time tracking entry is added.



  1. Click away from the code you've created. Your new code is now saved and ready to use in your cases.
  2. To create a Generic Non-UTBMS Code, leave Litigation Code (L) as Generic (Non-UTBMS) and add a Description and order number. The Activity Code (A) column is only editable for UTBMS Codes once a Task Code (L) has been chosen.



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