Setting up Courtesy Time Tracking

If you enter time for another user in your firm (ie. when transcribing a paper time sheet), the you'll need to setup Courtesy Time Tracking in your user preferences. It's a setting which allows the transcribtion to be billed as the attorney in the firm.



  1. Go to Tools > Settings & Options.
  2. Click User Preferences.
  3. Under Billing & Time Tracking, check the box entitled I enter time for other users.
  4. Click Save.





How to Use Courtesy Time Tracking



If the checkbox I enter time for other users is checked in user preferences, then User A (who checked marked the setting) can log time for User B (who didn't mark the setting) without a record of User A being involved in the creation of the time tracking item. As you can see, the first ledger item displays only the user initials for User B (JJF) even through user User A (KF) entered this time for User B (JJF). 



When the checkbox I enter time for other users is not checked in user prefernces, then it will show both users on the activity.



Effects of Time Tracking on Billable Time



The My Billable Time tab under Books displays all time logged by you, the current user, including all time logged for other people. However, when Courtesy Time Tracking is check in user preferences, the time logged by the current user will not be displayed in My Billable Time. 



In the image below, User A's (KF) My Billable Time is only the time created by User A (KF) for User B (JJF) when I enter time for other users was not checked is displayed.



Showing Courtesy Time in your Billable Time



If you want to show today's time being logged for you by your assistant, as shown in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then you'll want to do the following:



  1. Go to Tools > Settings & Options.
  2. Click Systemwide settings.
  3. Click Firm preferences.
  4. Click the checkbox for Include Courtesy Billing Time In Daily Total (Today's Billable Time).
  5. Click Save





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